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Tour Alaska From Tok

The best time to visit Tok Alaska is mid May-mid September. It’s a huge state, and places are far apart. It’s important not to plan a very tight schedule:

  • At Fairbanks, you can visit the Delta Jct. visitor center where there is the monument- "end of the Alaska Hwy"
  • A few miles away is the historical Big Delta Rikas Road House and the above-ground pipeline that crosses over the river
  • The Santa Claus House at the North Pole is another must-visit
  • The University of Alaska Museum has a lot of great stuff
  • You can also visit Gold Dredge No. 8, Riverboat Discovery, Alaskaland and the El Dorado Gold Mine
  • You can fly across the Arctic Circle in a bush plane
  • If you like flowers, Nenana is the place to visit

More Attractions

In addition to these places, there are a number of other places you can include in your trip:

Denali National Park & Preserve at Healey has very good campgrounds. White water river rafting is one of the most thrilling activities you can try here. The shuttle bus will take you into the park where you can hike along beautiful trails and view wildlife in certain areas. You will have to dedicate an entire day to this trip and on other days, you can plan to visit:

  • Free Dog-Team Equipment Exhibit
  • Hiking, Fishing, Fishing and Wildlife viewing
  • Nature Trails & Bike Paths
  • Flight seeing
  • Take a day trip to Chicken, Alaska

Tok Alaska is a place where there are always a number of things to do and there will never be a dull moment – Come discover paradise on earth.

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