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Things to Do

Tok Alaska lies on a very large and flat alluvial plain in Tanana Valley. It is situated between the Alaska Range and Tanana River at a very important junction with the Glenn and Alaska Highways.

There are a number of things that visitors to this stunning place can do, even for those without much outdoor experience. There are guided tours and day excursions through which you can discover the true wilderness of the Alaskan region.

On the other hand, if you are a veteran outdoor expert, Tok is filled with opportunities for very rugged, back country treks.


Activities for Everyone

Tok Alaska has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities.

In the winter, there are activities such as world-class snowmobiling (the modern day sledding), old-fashioned dog sled rides, hiking on ice age glaciers and skimming the wilderness in a quaint “bush” plane.

Tok Alaska is actually known as the Sled Dog Capital of Alaska, with many local Tok residents actively involved in the sport.

In the summer months, hiking, trekking, fishing, bird watching, camping, float trips and other exploring to be done in the area.  You can pan for gold, visit museums, restaurants, shops, enjoy a little horseback riding or play a round of golf.

Apart from the things and activities that you can try out on land, you’ll find lots of rivers and lakes nearby. These offer you a chance to experience thrilling jet boat rides, rafting and kayaking – these can be as mild or wild as you want them to be.

Regardless of what your interests are, you are sure to find some fun or adventure activity that is made just for you.


Outdoor Paradise

The area around Tok is very well known for an abundance of wildlife – fish, birds, and all sorts of mammals native to Alaska.  It’s truly an outdoors-person's paradise.  If you are interested in fishing, hunting, bird-watching, or nature photography, it would be a tall challenge to find a location with more abundant opportunities than Tok.


The Preferred Destination

Tok is the preferred destination for visitors from across the world - it is a place where people can connect with nature very closely and enjoy the local wilderness and culture. There are established paths and some less-traveled ones.  If nature beckons, Tok Alaska is the place for you.

Mile 124.5 Glenn Highway · Tok · Alaska · 99780 · 907-883-2852

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